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Nutmeg Call Ducks

Introducing the Spice Girls of WondersWaterfowl.....

Gray duckling on left, Nutmeg duckling on right

My line of nutmeg calls is very unique and not related to any other nutmegs in the country! Mine came out as a sport from a top quality pair of grays (male from Art Lundgren and the female from Daphne Mays). This, in turn, made the offspring of exquisite quality that would rival any other call in open competition. All the nutmegs and color carriers are toe punched and pedigreed to keep close records of their color production. They are kept TOTALLY away from my pure breedings of regular grays. The nutmeg color is a regular gray call pattern with the brown dilution gene. This differs from the Khaki color as the khaki color is a dusky patterned call (males with no bibs and females with no eye streaks) with the brown dilution. The two colors are similar in their shades of color, but are VERY different in their patterns. Nutmegs are one of the most rare colors of call ducks and I am lucky to be able to produce ones with such high quality.

2006 young female, that has gone on to be national champion Nutmeg for several years.