Welcome to WondersWaterfowl

Welcome to WondersWaterfowl, Home of award winning exhibition call ducks, Angora goats and Great Pyrenees dogs. We are located in the south eastern part of PA. We strive to produce healthy vigorous breeding stock to fit the standard of perfection. My birds are noted for their excellent laying and hatching ability which allows over 300 ducklings to be raised each year. This lets us makes huge strides in the improvement of each color. At this time we no longer raise call ducks, but we do raise colored angora goats.


NCBA-Top exhibitor of Butterscotch calls in 2006

NCBA-Master Exhibitor status awarded in 2006

NCBA-Overall top exhibitor of Butterscotch call from 2002-2006- 443 points

Poultry Show Record

BB= Best of Breed

RB= Reserve of Breed

BV= Best of Variety (color)

RV= Reserve of Variety (color)

Old= Over 1 yr old

Young=Under 1 yr old


Guil-Rand Fowl Fanciers, NC
BB, Best medium goose, Res. Goose, Res. Waterfowl White sebastopol OM
BB Saxony, also went on to Res. Heavy duck, First ever open show heavy duck win for the saxony breed!


Twin Tiers Poultry Club, Bath, NY

Eastern NY poultry Assoc. Cobleskill,

NYSouthern Ohio Poultry Breeders. Lucasville, OH (fall)

Mid-West All Waterfowl, Connersville IN
BB White sebastopol old male
BV,RV Butterscotch calls
1, 2 OM, 2 OF, 1 YM, 3, 4 YF- white calls, Best bantam duck display of show- ABA starred win!


Also Had BV and RV Butterscotch at the NCBA national, Champion Butterscotch call and Res. Champion Butterscotch call.


Susquehanna poultry show-spring
Champion Waterfowl- Gray call OF
Res. Champion Waterfowl- White call OM

Delmarva Poultry Fanciers-spring, APA-ABA joint semi-annual
BV,BB Champion Continental- White Faverolles OMBB,
Best medium goose, White sebastopol OM
BB Saxony duck

Twin Tiers Poultry Club, Bath, NY
1st white call OM-RV-RB- Reserve Champion Bantam duck- ABA starred win!

BV & RV butterscotch
Lucasville Ohio, Fall Show
BV butterscotch call

Yankee Fall show, Syracuse NY
BV,RV butterscotch call
2nd OM, 1st YF white calls

Mid-West All Waterfowl
BB white call old hen, Best bantam duck, Res. duck of show!- ABA starred win!
RB white call old cock, Res. bantam duck.- ABA starred win!
RV Butterscotch call

Frederick, MD
BB white call pullet, Best bantam duck!
BV,RV Butterscotch call


Also have BV, and RV butterscotch at the 2005 NCBA national. Champion Butterscotch and Res. Champion Butterscotch.


Susquehanna spring show
Champion Waterfowl- White call old male

Twin Tiers Poultry Club, Bath, NY
BV,RV Butterscotch calls
RV, RB, Res. Bantam Duck, Res. Champion Waterfowl- White call Young male

Delmarva Fall show
Res. Champion waterfowl, Champion Bantam Duck- White call old male
BV,RV Butterscotch

Frederick, MD
Champion Waterfowl- white call old male
Res. Champion Bantam Duck- Butterscotch old female
BV, RV Butterscotch

Indianapolis, IN
BV,RV Butterscotch- National Champion and Res. National Champion Butterscotch calls for 2006


Res. National Champion call duck at the NCBA national in Lucasville Ohio


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