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22' Cargo Mate Bird Trailer with living space for sale

A one of a kind, totally custom designed trailer.

Comes with stabling bars that are attached to the pulling truck for a smoother drive.

View from the back with double doors. both of which swing back and attach to the side of the trailer. One door can be locked shut while the other is swung back and secured.

View of the back with the doors open. The inside on the trailer is about 8 feet wide and about 7 feet tall. We had the roof insulated(white roof on the inside) to prevent the trailer from heating up from direct sunlight. You can see the divider with door to the living area towards the front. Matching window in the back.

A view of the inside showing 2 of the 8 vents.These would be set for incoming air.

Two of the rear vents that would be set for outgoing air.

One of the 8 side air vents that were installed. This shows the vent in the closed position from the inside.

the vent closed, looking from the outside.

vent in one of the open positions

vent opening one way(it can also open facing the other direction). There are 4 of these on each side and we open them so there is a flow of air in and out of the trailer from front to back while in transit to temperature control and to keep any moisture and odor from accumulating. Matched with the insulated room, we NEVER had a trailer that was too hot or too cold for the birds in any month of the year that we showed. All vents can be closed in cases to rain to prevent any water from entering the trailer.

View of the inside ceiling with the light fixtures and one of the two square vents in the roof.

one of the two light switches that control the light in the living area and bird area.

View of the dividing wall from the bird area.

Trap door in the floor with spare tire

Showing the sealed generator box that is also used at a table when not traveling.

Outside view of the generator box. When built when had the wiring put in place so that all that needs to be done to the trailer in the addition of a generator and air conditioning unit and it would be a fully air conditioned bird trailer.

There are two windows in the living area, one slide up, and the other has slats that open as well as the window being able to totally swing out(the one on the right), plus a camper style door that enter the living area.

Also, there is a removable part that expands the sleeping area.

Most fair grounds have plug ins, so we always brought extension cords with us and were able to run lights, fans, cook and even watch TV.

The large windows in the living area both have blinds that pull down.

Slatted window that swings out.

Camper style door with addition screen door. The camper door swings back and can latch to the side of the trailer.

View of the inside from the camper door.